We are Strong Waters, the newest restaurant and bar to open up along the Grand Strand. We are located on the corner of Ocean and 21 – right across the street from The Breakers Resort in the heart of Myrtle Beach. We feel like this is an amazing location that will not only attract hotel guests, people that have been out on the beach all day, young people looking for a new spot to go for live music and drinks, but locals as well. Our décor has a modern feel, with leather chairs, industrial lighting and décor mixed with rustic accents.

Here at Strong Waters we are all about supporting all things local including businesses, the community, local farmers and artisans. We shop at local farmers markets in the area for herbs, cheeses, produce and sustainable fish found on our menu as well as the produce we utilize behind the bar. At Strong Waters, we take the meaning of craft to the next level by sourcing only the freshest and highest quality ingredients for our cocktails and cuisine. This sets us apart from other restaurants in the area. We love giving freedom to our mixologists behind the bar in crafting unique cocktails and our chefs in the kitchen the liberty to put their own spin on their interpretation of lowcountry cuisine.

Our menu captures the taste of the Lowcountry with a twist. For example we serve classic shrimp-n-grits but you won’t be eating it from a bowl – but rather all the ingredients and flavors are wrapped up in a crispy egg roll. Our chef mixes up a special blend of spices and vinegar to create the sweet-and-sour flavor with a hint of pepper that captures the true taste of Missouri barbecue for the sauce that’s rubbed on our St. Louis Style Ribs. And we believe presentation is everything! The rustic feel of the restaurant even translates to our serving dishes as our Charcuterie is plated on a hand-carved wooden cutting board.

Behind the bar we have a cocktail program we use called “Farm to Shaker”. Our General Manager, Elise, explains that this concept is all about using local ingredients and crafting one-of-a-kind cocktails. No other bar in Myrtle Beach incorporates this type of program. You will find small oak barrels behind the bar. These aren’t simply for decoration, but actually contain classic cocktails that Elise ages – ones that she’s concocted with a secret blend of local bitters and other fresh ingredients. Made in 5-liter batches, they will age in the oak for about 6 to 12 weeks depending on the cocktail and what she envisions for the final product. You may also notice woodchips – these are for the drink Smokin’ Oldie – one that we actually smoke right in front of you! This is done by smoking a snifter with hickory woodchips and placing a cap on top – so the drink is presented to you with a glass of billowing smoke. After it is set in front of you, the cap is removed and we pour the drink in – creating a stunning display of softly wafting smoke. This is both an aromatic and visually pleasing cocktail creation!

And if you’re looking for craft beer, we not only carry local craft beer on tap that we will rotate seasonally, but serve bottles and cans as well. We have a fully stocked bar that includes local bitters and spirits, as well as a variety of wine and champagne. There is something for everyone!

The inspiration behind Strong Waters is not only the casual feel of the Lowcountry, but from Elise’s passion for classic prohibition era cocktails, entertaining patrons and supporting all things local. She believes that there is a story and something to be learned behind the bar – so each drink isn’t only filled with flavor but has a history.

If you’re looking for live entertainment, we will feature live acoustic music every Friday and Saturday night from 7 to 10 pm. We will also feature Happy Hour specials from 4 pm to 7 pm, Monday through Friday.

So after you’re done spending a day playing in the waves or lounging by the pool, come in for some delicious small plates and a tasty cocktail. Your casual attire matches the casual atmosphere – flip-flops are completely acceptable. We look forward to you seeing you soon!

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