The rich agriculture of the various farms surrounding Myrtle Beach produces a bountiful selection of homegrown goods that can be found at area Farmer’s Markets. At Strong Waters, we believe in sourcing our ingredients locally for everything from our cuisine on the menu to the garnishes on our handcrafted cocktails. We strive to support local farmers, fishermen and purveyors because we not only stand behind what they produce and catch, but they represent the great things our area has to offer.

There are Farmer’s Markets located all around the Grand Strand. They are open to the general public and the admission is free. They offer a variety of vegetables, produce, herbs, flowers, honey, cheese, milk, artisanal soaps, and more. Shopping at the Farmer’s Market in the area not only supports the local community, but guarantees you’re buying only the freshest produce and vegetables because they only sell the crops and items that are in season.

We frequent local Farmer’s Markets for certain components for our handcrafted cocktails. We spend time concocting these recipes and know by shopping at local vendors, we’re using only the most pristine, seasonal ingredients possible. Shopping at the local fish markets allows us to not only support the fisherman in our community, but also serve only the freshest catches to our customers.

Here’s a list of the local places we’ve sourced from and we look forward to adding to this list:

  • NMB Farmers Market
  • Waccamaw Market Cooperative
  • Sassafrass Nurseries
  • Bees by the Beach Pure Raw local honey
  • Seven Seas Fishery
  • Mr. Fish Seafood Market
  • Harrelsons Fish Market
  • Lee’s Farmers Market
  • C & C Seafood
  • Heritage Farms
  • WK Farm
  • Benjamin’s Bakery

Whether it’s a juicy watermelon to top our Pork Belly Tacos, the cheese that adds the extra zest to our Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese or the herb that inspires us to create a new handcrafted cocktail – the Farmer’s Markets around Myrtle Beach play a vital role in keeping our menu fresh and local. Just another reason why you should come in and taste why we’re the local bee’s knees.

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