At Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen in Myrtle Beach, we utilize a “Farm to Shaker” method when creating our craft cocktails. One of the ways in which we implement this program is through our barrel aging process. We take small oak barrels and add liquor along with a secret blend of fresh, local ingredients. The components are then aged for a period of time in the barrels, allowing the flavors to blend together and mellow out. The result is a full bodied cocktail with a smooth finish.

But before combining any ingredients, there is a procedure we follow in order to to get the barrels ready for the aging process. We clean the barrels thoroughly and ensure they are all airtight. This entire process, from preparation to sealing, takes three to four days.

Once the barrels are sealed, we combine liquor with our special blend of ingredients. Those special ingredients are sourced from area Farmers Markets and the bitters we use are Crude Bitters from the neighboring state of North Carolina. Although we age various classic cocktails, we love experimenting with traditional recipes and creating our own. We’re always up for a challenge and encourage our patrons to share with us what they would like to see barrel aged.

We believe it’s our craftsmanship, attention to detail and use of local ingredients that make our barrel aged handcrafted cocktails authentic. So next time you swagger up to the bar at Strong Waters on the corner of 21 & Ocean, give one of our classics, like a Manhattan or a Boulevardier, a try. Sip, savor – and stay awhile!

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