At Strong Waters, we are passionate about supporting local artisans and purveyors, who we’ve utilized in the creation of our new menu that was just released this past October 2017. When we first opened earlier this year, we started with a small menu which consisted of shared plates, salads, a few entrees, and sides. We’ve experimented with this concise menu, whether it was featuring a particular fish for an evening special or simply tracking which dishes were the most frequently ordered and raved about. We hired a new chef this summer and decided it was time to create a full menu to serve to our guests, that truly showcases our “Farm to Table” and “Farm to Shaker” approach in the kitchen and behind the bar.

This brand new menu still features our concept of Lowcountry cuisine with a twist – but with the addition of even more delicious items. Our “Share Menu” is perfect for Happy Hour and paired with a craft cocktail or ordered from as appetizers for the table. You’ll find we’ve kept most items including the Mussels, Clams, Cast Iron Pimento Cheese and Rib Stack. Shrimp & Grits is a staple in the south and our Shrimp & Grits Soul Rolls have been a huge hit! Due to the popularity of the egg roll, we’ve added Lobster Egg Rolls – which contain fresh caught Atlantic lobster, napa cabbage, carrots, basil, ginger & leeks with a coconut red curry sauce, along with a few other new items including Lobster & Shrimp Ceviche, and Smokey Double Cut Bacon.

Not only do we incorporate a “Farm to Table” stye cooking method, we also enjoy including seasonal items on our menu. One example of this is the Roasted Baby Beets salad that was added to the “Produce” section of the menu. The earthiness of the roasted baby beets pairs nicely with a myriad of ingredients so we took this root vegetable and made it into a salad, combining a full range of flavors to compliment including the creaminess of the goat cheese, the seasonal flavor of the crisp apple, the bitterness of the arugula leaves and the fruity acid from the orange vinaigrette.

Steak On Fire is a newcomer to the “Hand Helds” portion of the menu. This savory item is a grilled filet that has been marinated in garlic and herbs, horseradish cream and is served with a grilled vegetable skewer and a lime wedge. As far as the “Main” section, along with some other new fish dishes, you’ll find the Zuppe Di Pesce – which means thick fish soup. This hearty entree is a collection of flavors from the sea and consists of charred crawfish, sauteed clams and mussels, braised halibut, poached shrimp in a mild tomato confit risotto. The herb rice absorbs the liquid from the tomatoes – cooking it to a creamy perfection – creating a wonderful base for the dish.

After navigating your way through out delicious new menu, we hope you saved room for “Somethin’ Sweet”, the dessert portion. You’ll find our Krazy Lime Pie, our twist on the classic key lime pie, with lime curd, coconut cake, vanilla cake, macadamia streusel, lime meringue and candied lime peel. This dessert won the People’s Choice Award for “Best Dessert” at the 2017 Taste of the Town event this past fall.

We enjoy supporting our local purveyors which include North Myrtle Beach Farmers Market, Waccamaw Market Cooperative, Mr. Fish Seafood Market, Harrelson’s Fish Market, and Lee’s Farmers Market to name a few. By buying from businesses in the area, we are guaranteeing the freshest ingredients possible in our dishes and cocktails. So whether you’re strolling in for a few handcrafted cocktails with friends over a some shared plates or a romantic dinner for two, make sure to add Strong Waters, Myrtle Beach to your next dinner plans!

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