Whether you’re still trying to figure out the difference between whiskey and bourbon or you’re a master of the craft – we offer spirits for everyone here at Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen. One of the best ways to sample our selection is by ordering one of our bourbon or whiskey flights. You get to choose 3 pours for the flight from our menu that includes everything from the everyday brands to bottles that are rare and interesting.

If you’re not an avid bourbon or whiskey drinker, ordering a full glass might be intimidating. Even sampling might seem complicated but it’s really not. When you’re tasting bourbon or whiskey, you’re carefully examining the nuances and aromas of the spirits – without any hindrance of a mixer such as soda or even ice.

According to Modern Thirst, there are four key categories to consider when you sample: Appearance, Aroma, Taste, and Finish.

  • Appearance – The factors that affect the appearance – the color and clarity – include age, proof, and filtration methods.
  • Aroma – An important part of taste is smell, so make sure to take in the aroma.
  • Taste – When sampling the bourbon or whiskey, make sure to sip it. You’ll slowly get acclimated to the burn of the alcohol on your tongue until it doesn’t bother you. Modern Thirst says to “take a generous mouthful into your mouth and “chew” it”, allowing all the zones of your tongue to experience and detect the flavor. These zones and the aroma define the flavor of the spirits.
  • Finish – The finish refers to the sensations after swallowing, such as how long the taste lingers, textures, and whether you get a warm sensation (Jim Beam calls this the “Kentucky Hug”).

Every Wednesday we host Whiskey Wednesday at Strong Waters. This is the perfect time to taste our selection, whether you’re a avid whiskey enthusiast or still wetting your palate in the world of whiskey. Our bartender will select a particular whiskey and you can sip a free sample while the bartender gives a spiel about the whiskey you’re sampling.

What better place to broaden your knowledge of whiskey and bourbon than the only speakeasy in Myrtle Beach. We invite you to stop by Strong Waters Bar on the corner of 21 for a swell evening of sipping and savoring.

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