Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen in Myrtle Beach is a speakeasy that utilizes a ‘farm to shaker’ approach when crafting our tasty handcrafted cocktails. This means we source our ingredients locally and incorporate what’s in season. These little details are what set our cocktails apart from other bars in the Myrtle Beach area.

And those bubbles in the Giggle Water you’re sipping on aren’t just from any soft drink. They’re created by a handcrafted soda from Cannonborough Beverage company, a local company right down the road in Charleston, South Carolina. We purchase four types of the Cannonborough Craft Soda that are incorporated into a selection of our craft cocktails.

Cannonborough Beverage Company is the brainchild of three guys that sought to bring a little more craft to the non-alcoholic beverage industry and replace artificial ingredients in soda with natural ones. All of their craft sodas contain the highest quality ingredients sourced from local farmers. They’ve created unique beverage combinations by pairing a single fruit with an aromatic component that balances the flavors and natural sweeteners of the fruit.

From selling their sodas at local farmers markets and adjusting their recipes based on input from the community – they’ve created a tasty lineup of craft sodas. Slowly Cannonborough Beverage Company scaled their business from farmers markets to where they are today – bottling craft soda you can find on the shelves of various grocery stores around the South East.

The selection of Cannonborough Craft Soda you can find at Strong Waters Bar on the corner of 21 and Ocean in Myrtle Beach includes Grapefruit Elderflower, Ginger Beer, Honey Basil, and Raspberry Mint. The Honey Basil is a combination of fresh lime juice, local clover honey, and hand-picked basil. The Grapefruit Elderflower has a slight bitterness to it from the ruby red grapefruit that is rounded out by the delicateness of the elderflower.

Raspberry Mint contains ripe raspberries and fresh mint, along with fresh lime juice to balance out the duo. And the Ginger Beer contains Jamaican spices, real ginger, cloves, vanilla, and a pinch of habanero peppers to create a bit of heat. You’ll find the Ginger Beer flowing on tap and adding a delicious punch to some of our craft cocktails including the Berry Derby and Honeysuckle Mule.

Why do we choose to support Cannonborough Beverage Company? Because they’re the bee’s knees and like us – they’re passionate about utilizing locally sourced ingredients and uncovering the art of crafting unique and tasty beverages. Next time you stop by Strong Waters Bar in Myrtle Beach, order a drink that incorporates a Cannonborough Craft Soda for a more sophisticated fizz in your handcrafted cocktail.

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