If you’ve recently driven down 21 and Ocean in Myrtle Beach, you may have noticed a new addition to the side of one of the buildings. This new addition to the building actually plays a dual role. Not only is it advertising for Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen, but it is actually the Speakeasy Entrance for the bar.

Secret entrances to speakeasies were a popular way to disguise the illegal bars during the prohibition-era. Since we are a prohibition-style bar and restaurant, we thought it would be a unique to incorporate this idea for Strong Waters to set ourselves apart from other bars in the area.

At Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen, one of our biggest beliefs is supporting the local businesses, vendors, and craftsmans in our surrounding community. When we decided to create our SpeakEasy Entrance, we wanted to commision a local artist for the job. We found Al McWhite, who is a mural artist from Myrtle Beach and we were excited to work with him. We went over our vision of the restaurant and what the goal of the murals were and gave total creative freedom to him.

Not only did he design the mural on the exterior of the building, but the other three that can be found along the walls of the hallways of the side entrance leading into Strong Waters. Due to our location in Myrtle Beach being directly across the street from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and the beach, he chose a nautical theme for the murals. He sketched simple and clean designs using a clean font, all of which air toward the vintage look of the prohibition-era. Al graphed them all out and then, along with his son, painted all four of the murals in a week’s time.

The mural on the exterior is a giant octopus that wraps around the side of the building. The tentacles of the octopus point towards the door, a subtle hint of where to enter for the secret Speakeasy Entrance. The interior murals are of the Strong Waters logo intertwined with the nautical theme of anchors with arrows pointing down the hallway, guiding you towards the entrance to the restaurant. The final mural to the left of the door let’s you know you’ve reached your destination and says in bold words “Strong Waters Secret Entrance”.

So next time you’re lollygaggin’ around 21 and ocean, make sure to look for the giant octopus mural (feel free to stop and take a selfie and tag us at #strongwatersbar) and follow the arrows to Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen. Before you order your first cocktail, make sure to “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram to discover our Speakeasy Password for the month to receive half off one signature cocktail!

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