5 Cocktails to Try on Your Next Visit to Strong Waters Bar in Myrtle Beach

By February 18, 2022Beer, Cocktails, Local

Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen in Myrtle Beach is a quaint spot to grab a drink and a bite to eat. Known for our ‘Farm to Shaker’ method to mixology, we concoct our craft cocktails using the freshest seasonal ingredients. If you’re undecided when it comes to selecting something to sip on, we suggest trying one of these five popular cocktails.

Lavender Field

Lavender Vodka, Lavender Syrup, Cranberry & Lime 


A sweet, fragrant cocktail, the Lavender Field is like endless summer in a glass. The floral notes of the lavender mixed with the tartness of the cranberry form a unique flavor combination that pairs perfectly with our more savory dishes on the menu. Try it with the Rib Stack or the Beef Tenderloin and you’ll feel like you’re having dessert with your meal.

Smokin’ Oldie

Bourbon, House Blend Bitters, Burnt Sugar, Orange Peel & Pressed Cherry, Smoked Bar Side


What do you get when you take the classic ingredients of the timeless Old Fashioned and infuse it with the smoke of burning wood chips? Our smooth Smokin’ Oldie. The scent of the wood chips is reminiscent of a crackling campfire, so it’s not surprising you may want to cozy up in a corner booth with this bourbon cocktail. It pairs nicely with our juicy Butcher Block Burger.

Hair of the Dog

Tito’s Vodka, Spicy Bloody Mary Mix & everything but the Kitchen sink


If you’re searching for a hearty craft cocktail, look no further than our Hair of the Dog. While we do turn up the heat by using a spicy Bloody Mary mix, the real creative liberty is taken with our fresh garnishes. We have been known to top this tantalizing cocktail with everything from a slice of candied bacon, pickled okra, and a crunchy celery stick to a shrimp, plump olives, and a lemon twist. Not to be mistaken for an appetizer, the Hair of the Dog goes well with the Scallop dinner or the Crab Cake Sandwich.

Honeysuckle Mule

Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka, Ginger Beer & Cucumber


The Honeysuckle Mule is always a crowd-pleaser. Our twist on the Moscow Mule, one sip and you’ll taste the sweet notes of the honeysuckle intertwined with the snap of Ginger Beer and crispness of fresh cucumber. Try this refreshing cocktail with another crowd favorite – the Shrimp & Grit Egg Roll.

Bartender’s Choice

Choose 2 words and we’ll handle the rest! Refreshing • Tart • Savory • Fruity • Sweet • Fizzy • Herbal • Bitter • Floral • Smoky


Not sure what to order? Leave it up to the expert – one of our bartenders. Our bartenders specialize in their craft of combining the freshest ingredients to create the tastiest cocktails. Whether you choose two words you think go together, like tart and fruity, or select an unlikely duo like fizzy and smoky, the excitement is in watching the bartender concoct your drink and tasting the final product. And who knows… you might just end up sipping on your new favorite drink.

You truly can’t go wrong with any of the beverages on our craft cocktails menu. From the dishes we serve to the drinks we concoct, everything we create is meant to taste as unique as the experience and atmosphere of our restaurant. Next time you’re visiting Myrtle Beach, order something other than your typical go-to beverage and sip on one of these delicious cocktails.

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