Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen

Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen

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At Strong Waters, we take the meaning of craft to the next level by sourcing only the freshest and highest quality ingredients for our cocktails and cuisine. We utilize the “Farm to Shaker” method for our cocktails, meaning we create unique drinks from local ingredients that transport you to another time and place. Our craft beer list is constantly changing and we only select beer from breweries around the state to give you a true taste of the Carolinas. Speaking of taste, we believe you’ll love our take on the flavors of the Lowcountry in the dishes on our main menu!
Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen

Main Menu

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  • Waygu Sliders $14.00

    Wagyu beef sliders with fried goat cheese, arugula, candied bacon, and tomato jam.

  • Rib Stack $12.00

    Four Rib Bones smoked to perfection and served with our signature barbeque sauce. Served over jalapeno cornbread and maple syrup butter.

  • Pork Belly Tacos $10.00

    Diced pork belly served over vegetable slaw & served with our signature barbeque sauce.

  • Rock Shrimp Tacos $12.00

    Florida Rock Shrimp served with pico de gallo, lettuce, & specialty Rojo sauce.

  • Shrimp Dip $10.00

    Pimento cheese dip with jumbo shrimp served with pita chips.

  • Truffle Fries $7.00

    Pencil thin fries tossed in truffle oil & parmesan cheese, served with a garlic aioli.


Served with fries or chips

  • Turkey Club $12.00

    House-cured & roasted turkey breast, Boursin cheese, apricot preserves, bibb lettuce, tomato, & candied bacon.

  • Butcher Block Burger $16.00

    Bibb lettuce, pickled green tomato, candied bacon, & pimento cheese served on a toasted brioche bun.

  • Sea Bass Tacos $14.00

    Blackened Sea Bass served over vegetable slaw with our specialty Rojo sauce.

  • Rock Shrimp Po Boy $12.00

    Breaded Rock Shrimp served on a lobster roll, topped with a sriracha tartar sauce produce.

  • Bacon Mushroom Swiss Burger $12.00

    Bibb lettuce, red tomato, Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms & candied bacon.


  • Smoky Caesar $10.00

    Charred romaine hearts with pulled croutons, shaved pecorino, & Smoky Caesar dressing.

  • Cobb Salad $11.00

    Romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, onions, bacon & bleu cheese. Add Chicken for $3.00 | Add Shrimp $4.00

  • Side Caesar Salad $6.00

    Fresh romaine lettuce hand tossed with a smokey style Caesar dressing topped with garlic croutons & shredded parmesan cheese.

  • Side Salad $6.00

    Fresh romaine lettuce hand tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons, & shredded cheese served with your dressing of choice.

  • Main Scallops $28.00

    Pan-seared scallops topped with a roasted red coulis served over a bed of pancetta pea risotto.

  • Beef Tenderloin $36.00

    Grilled 8 oz. beef tenderloin over truffled shiitake mushroom mac & cheese and roasted asparagus, garnished with crispy shallots & bordelaise.

  • Ribeye $32.00

    Black Angus 12 oz. Ribeye, served with fingerling potatoes & candied brussel sprouts, topped with a red wine reduction.

  • Sea Bass Risotto $34.00

    Chilean Sea Bass herb marinated and seared, topped with a compound herb butter accompanied with asparagus & risotto.

Kids Menu

  • Grilled Cheese & Fries $8.00
  • Burger & Fries $8.00
  • Chicken Strips & Fries $8.00
  • Gouda Mac & Cheese $6.00


  • Asparagus $6.00
  • Potatoes $4.00
  • Candied Brussel Sprouts $4.00

    Tossed with house seasoning.

  • Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese 5.00
Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen

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