Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen

Strong Water’s Seasonal Selection: Winter Edition

There’s something about a cold day that makes you want to cozy up with something warm to drink. Here at Strong Waters Bar in Myrtle Beach, we like to curl up with something a little stronger than hot chocolate.

We believe in supporting local, so our drink of choice would be one from our list of seasonal cocktails and beers we recently released, just as the temperature started to drop. These craft beers, brewed all along the East Coast, are sure to warm you up while you’re exploring Myrtle Beach this winter. For our specialty cocktails, we utilize the fresh flavors of the season. Our top winter cocktail and beer and selections include:


Steel Hands Coffee Lager

With one whiff you’ll quickly figure out where this lager got its name. This lager was infused with coffee from a local roaster, Loveland Coffee in Columbia, South Carolina. It’s both light and crisp and is as smooth to sip on as your morning cup of joe.

Allagash Black

Since a traditional Belgian stout doesn’t exist, this Maine brewery decided to create its own version using all the aspects they loved in the classic dark ale. While you’re sure to taste the rich flavors of coffee and dark chocolate, you’ll find the dark caramelized candy sugar produces a hint of a raisin finish.

Wicked Weed Pernicious IPA

For those that enjoy the bitterness of hops that’s expected with a typical Indian Pale Ale, your tastebuds may be confused with the balanced brightness of the Pernicious. The brewers of this craft beer say its drinkability and clean finish just might skew your relationship with IPAs forever.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Samuel Adams Spiced Wheat Bock – cinnamon, ginger, and orange peel

Bartender’s Choice

If a cocktail is more your style, we suggest requesting the Bartenders Choice. Simply choose two words from our list: refreshing, tart, savory, fruity, sweet, fizzy, herbal, bitter, floral, and smoky. One of our bartenders will use seasonal ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind cocktail combining those two flavors, just for you.

We invite you to stop by Strong Waters Bar across from Breakers Resort, find a cozy table or pull up a seat at the bar and we’ll pour you a pint of seasonal craft beer or create the perfect winter cocktail.